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My name is Sheila Simpson and teaching the piano gives me great pleasure. I enjoy being able to help my students to acquire and develop a skill that they can enjoy throughout their life.

I have been teaching the piano since 2008 and have students of all ages. I believe that it is very important to consider the individual's learning style and musical interests and adapt lessons to suit. As soon as you learn to read music you can follow any musical path - classical, jazz, pop, folk - whichever you prefer. If you want to do some improvisation, learn your favourite song or play some duets I would be happy to include any or all of these in your lessons. If you have always wanted to learn the piano, were thinking of arranging lessons for your children, or want to return to lessons after a break, why not pick up the telephone now?

Lessons for children should be fun. For this reason I incorporate musical games in my teaching and the use of percussion instruments to teach rhythm and pulse. Small prizes are given to encourage practising and progress.

Daniel Doe

My daughter has been having piano lessons with Sheila for three years now, since she was five years old. She thoroughly enjoys her lessons. Sheila is very patient with her, and finds ways to motivate her to practice at home. When her interest waned a little a few months ago, Sheila was quick to notice and called me to discuss it in person. We realised my daughter prefers to play songs she recognises and can sing along to, so Sheila immediately found her a new book to learn from. It has done the trick, and I don't have to nag about practicing any more! If you're looking for a piano teacher for your child who will nurture their interest in music and help them make progress at an enjoyable pace, Sheila is a top choice. I'm sure she's an excellent teacher for adults too. .

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